Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology

Road Safety in Austria - Annual Report 2013

The 2013 annual report again focuses on the Road Safety Programme 2011-2020, reports on the implementation of measures in its individual areas of intervention and outlines the resulting successes in the reduction of accidents, injuries and fatalities on Austria’s roads.

The report thus provides support to researchers, practitioners and decision-makers in developing, planning and implementing further road safety measures. This, in turn, establishes the basis for achieving the ambitious goals set in the Road Safety Programme for the period to 2020 and allows any necessary adaptations to the programme to be made in a timely manner.

Electromobility in and from Austria

State-of-the-art technology developed and produced in the „innovation country“ Austria contributes vitally to the gradual implementation of electromobility in domestic, European, and international transport systems, it strengthens the business location, creates new jobs, and helps to reduce, by the growing use of renewable energies, as well as an increased energy efficiency, emissions generated in transport, and thus to protect climate and environment.

Safe car rides - Instructions for the correct use of child safety seats

A crash at 50 km/h without child safety seat is equivalent to a free fall from a height of 10 meter. A collision at only 15 km/h without child safety seat can be fatal for children. Without a child safety seat, the risk of death is seven times higher than with a child safety seat that has been installed correctly.


Date: 09.12.2014