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AAL Forum

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Signet Ambient Assisted Living Forum
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AAL Forum

The AAL Forum is the annual showcase event for the people involved in the AAL JP’s projects and the AAL community. It is the core connection of the joint programme to the AAL Community. This community includes policy makers, ICT developers, manufacturers, health professionals, commissioners, businesses, venture companies, technologists, academics, designers, carers and of course older adults. Its purpose is to exhibit and demonstrate existing or developing ICT solutions (products and services), promote networking within the community, foster the interest of other sectors in the field of AAL, provoke debate and discussion on various topics and highlight new or emerging developments in the area to inform the AAL community.

The next AAL Forum is held from 22nd to 25th September 2015 in Ghent

previous years:

"Broader, Bigger, Better - AAL solutions in Europe" - 9th to 12th of September 2014 in Bucharest 

"Impacting Individuals, Society and Econuimic Growth" - 24th to 26th of September 2013 in Noorköping

"Tomorrow in Sight: From Design to Delivery" - 24th - 27th  of September 2012 in Eindhoven

"Partnerships for Social Innovation in Europe" - 26th.9. - 28th of September 2011 in Lecce

"Active Ageing: Smart Solutions, New Markets" - 15th.9 - 17th of September 2010 in Odense

"Innovative ICT Solutions for Older Persons A New Understanding" - 29thof September - 1st of Oktober 2009 in Vienna

Location: http://www.bmvit.gv.at/en/innovation/ict/aalforum/index.html
Date: 23.08.2018