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Federal Minister Andreas Reichhardt

Andreas Reichhardt has been Federal Minister for Transport, Innovation and Technology since 3 June 2019.

After graduating from high school and studying law in Vienna, Andreas Reichhardt started his career in organizational management at Biodroga Cosmetics GesmbH. Afterwards he was parliamentary economic advisor in the office of the second and third president of the National Council, Thomas Prinzhorn.

Andreas Reichhardt was Deputy Head of Cabinet at the former Minister of Transport Hubert Gorbach, where he was responsible for innovation and intellectual property. He subsequently headed Section III Innovation and Telecommunication since 2005.

Youth Competition: Future Aviation

Aviation growth in Europe doesn't just offer young people fantastic careers; it also ensures sustainable development.

But participating in our sector requires these young leaders to be innovative. That’s why we’re encouraging elementary and secondary school students, as well as students and youth 18 and over in Austria to submit their ideas to ICAO’s 2019 Aviation Innovation Competitions.

Federal Ministers since 1945

Chronologic list of the federal ministers for transport.

Location: http://www.bmvit.gv.at/en/ministerium/index.html
Date: 16.03.2015