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Innovation / Technology

Austrias Way into the Future of Energy - Strategies and Success Stories

RTI Agenda and Roadmap for Personal Mobility

Austrian Research and Technology Reports

The Austrian Research and Technology Reports are status reports to the Austrian parliament on the nation’s federally funded research, technology and innovation. The reports draw on current data to present an overview of specific trends in research, technology and innovation (RTI) and show how Austria measures up internationally in select categories. The reports were commissioned  by  the  Federal  Ministry  of  Education,  Science  and  Research (BMBWF);  the  Federal  Ministry  for  Transport,  Innovation,  and  Technology  (BMVIT);  and  the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs (BMDW).

Research and Innovation in the Aviation Sector - Icing as a Strategic Niche

Icing Strategy for the Austrian Aviation Sector 2030+

European aircraft and component manufacturers, service providers and research institutions have extensive expertise in the feld of aircraft ice protection. Ground and aircraft de-icing technologies increase fight safety in icing conditions and safeguard the operability of aircraft under the most adverse weather conditions. Diferent technologies are used on the ground or on the aircraft to remove or prevent ice build-up on aircraft structures. However, various gaps can also be identifed, especially as regards the availability of key icing facilities in Europe.

Opportunity through Demographic Change - project examples benefit/AAL

Mobility of the Future Preliminary Results - Mobility of Goods

ICT of the Future - Project Examples 2012 - 2015

Electronic Based Systems - The technological heroes of the future

Mobility of the Future

Austria in Space - Strategy of the bmvit for Austrian Space Activities

Austrian Technology in Space

Ways2go - Interim Innovation Report - Executive Summary

Take off

Preliminary Results from the Aeronautics Research and Technology Programme

Aeronautic is a strategic area for research and development in Europe and in Austria. A quite a number of domestic industries and research facilities have been established as suppliers to the European aeronautic industry. To strenghten these basis of technology is one of the main objectives of the bmvit programme "Take off".

First results of this programme are available in the document "Take off - Preliminary Results from the Aeronautics Research and Technology Programme".

Location: http://www.bmvit.gv.at/en/service/publications/innovation/index.html
Date: 14.01.2013