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Electromobility in and from Austria

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State-of-the-art technology developed and produced in the „innovation country“ Austria contributes vitally to the gradual implementation of electromobility in domestic, European, and international transport systems, it strengthens the business location, creates new jobs, and helps to reduce, by the growing use of renewable energies, as well as an increased energy efficiency, emissions generated in transport, and thus to protect climate and environment.

In the sense of the above vision, the issue of electromobility is understood to be an interdisciplinary issue of the innovation fields transport, environment, and energy. The implementation of electromobility in Austria addresses mainly transport and energy systems so as to contribute to an affordable, demand-oriented mobility, and to the protection of the environment. Research, development, and innovation up to the production of structural components, and system-integrated solutions from Austria open potentials of added value and employment for the relative sectors, such as the automotive industry, or the electric and electronic industries.

Here, Austria has a highly favourable starting position owing to the commitment that is well reflected in well-established research and support programmes, initiatives, and large demonstration projects, high technological know-how in enterprises, a well-developed transport system, as well as an efficient energy system featuring 70 per cent renewable energy in the power supply mix. These competences have to be further upgraded.

In the sense of a common road, the federal ministries BMLFUW, BMVIT, and BMWFJ have worked out, at the request of the Federal Government, the present implementation plan for electromobility IN and FROM Austria, with measures to be initiated short-term based on a broad consultation process. The activities, to be harmonised interactively, aim at establishing optimum conditions paving the way for electromobility in everyday performance quickly, on the one hand, and on the other, to use the opportunities entailed for Austria as best as possible.

So as to implement electromobility in the transport and energy systems in Austria, steps have to be consistently taken to launch and establish intelligent incentives systems on the market, raise awareness for new mobility solutions, and maximise positive impacts on the environment.

The objectives of the measures for the electromobility IN Austria are the integration into the entire transport system, the creation of an intelligent incentives system complying with the requirements when preparing for, and launching it on the market, safeguarding the development of an inter-operable, demand-oriented infrastructure, the supply of electromobility with cost-efficient renewable energy in the long term, as well as the stimulation and evaluation of positive impacts on the environment.

Electromobility from Austria involves the fields research, development, and innovation up to the production of parts, components and system-integrated approaches to solutions. Here, the technology and business location must be secured on an international platform, and further established, and also education and training, qualification, and professional skills must be strengthened.

The measures for electromobility FROM Austria focus on an active business location policy. Research and development competence of the Austrian industry must be strengthened, the innovation process must be supported as far as the industrial production process. Competitiveness must be stabilised in the long term as an open economy on the international platform, and the business location Austria in the field of electromobility must be promoted by enhancing qualification and competence in a targeted manner.

With the present implementation plan, the federal ministries will take the further steps to successfully implement electromobility IN and FROM Austria. The ministries as quoted will assume the responsibility to initiate and implement these measures; they will take the lead to kick off any further cooperation between politics, administration, research, and industry, in the sense of pursuing a common path.

It is their objective to make use of, and prioritise the pursuit of, any opportunities, as best as possible, for the citizens of Austria, also with the environment, mobility and technology, energy and economy in mind.

Location: http://www.bmvit.gv.at/en/verkehr/electromobility/emobil_austria/emobil_austria.html
Date: 25.01.2018