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Electric Fleets in Urban Logistics

Due to their particular architecture, small and medium-sized historic towns are particularly affected by population growth combined with shifting consumption patterns. They suffer from the elevated noise and air pollution, congestion and health and safety issues which result from more urban freight transport entering historic city centres. It is imperative that feasible and sustainable urban logistics solutions are found that result in tangible reductions in energy consumption and environmental impacts. This is the focus of ENCLOSE – Energy Efficiency in City Logistics for Small and Mid-Sized European Historic Towns.

Electromobility in and from Austria

State-of-the-art technology developed and produced in the „innovation country“ Austria contributes vitally to the gradual implementation of electromobility in domestic, European, and international transport systems, it strengthens the business location, creates new jobs, and helps to reduce, by the growing use of renewable energies, as well as an increased energy efficiency, emissions generated in transport, and thus to protect climate and environment.

Location: http://www.bmvit.gv.at/en/verkehr/electromobility/index.html
Date: 06.02.2015